“How Hot Is It…?”

It’s so hot in Xi’an, I can now wash and dry my clothes at the same time. It’s so hot, yesterday, I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking. Ba,da bing..!

As you can see below, the recent temperature outside today at 2pm is 106, but “feels like 113” no doubt due to the humidity. You’ll also notice that tomorrow, Monday, the high will be 110. Yikes! Obviously, if you live in Las Vegas or Phoenix, you’re unimpressed or more likely, envious! Nonetheless, I have never, ever lived through the type of heat we’re experiencing in Xi’an. For those who don’t know, the San Francisco area in July and August can be downright cold. Wearing a heavy coat at night in August is oftentimes warranted. 

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have air conditioned homes. Some take refuge in the subway corridors as they feel at least thirty degrees cooler than above ground (see photo.) And of course, with the increased demand in electricity, power failures follow. I suffered through two the other night. My air conditioned bedroom heated up within minutes. Fortunately, in both cases the power came back on within 15 minutes. However, I am “on notice” and nervously awaiting the next one. 

Oh yes, when deciding to move to Xi’an, I compared average summer temperatures and saw that Xi’an’s was a few degrees cooler than Beijing, which is dreadful enough. As I write this, it’s 83 in Beijing. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Today and the next few days. Ouch!

Temperatures during the previous couple of days. The 99 degrees was at 9pm.

The entrance to the subway stop in my neighborhood. It was lined with people just standing around.

The mall across the street from our office went up in flames yesterday. I don’t know if it was heat-related but I wouldn’t be surprised.