A Beautiful Remembrance

It’s April 29 in the States, as I write this. Saturday, April 30, just past 8 am in Beijing. I was not going to write anything about Ellen, on the day of her “official” death when the hospital, that must never be named, “pulled the plug.” The fact is she was gone, that dreadful, previous Sunday, under the “watchful” eyes of the hospital that admitted her the night before for“observation.” I guess Sundays are their day off for actually observing/monitoring until, of course, it was too late.

Bitter? Oh, a tad…

My friend, Gerrda sent me an email remembrance that summed up Ellen so beautifully, I am compelled to once again, pick at the scab that refuses (I insist that it be so.) to go away. I have known Gerrda since high school but we lost touch over the years and finally re-connected in 2008. She did not spend a lot of time with Ellen but did get to know her in a meaningful way, as did most who spent any time with her.
With Gerrda’s permission:
“Ellen lived full out, and she was dealt some challenges with her health and being a caregiver for her ex…but she was intrepid and did it all with love and still seemed to have plenty of love and energy to go around, even to strangers, She was curious and enthusiastic to the end. This is the way to live in the world, and leave the world wanting more. I think your adventure is in that spirit, Brian. She is with you!”

Thanks, Gerrda! I could not have said it any better!