My final days of life as I know it.

I wasn’t sure if I would write anything in my waning days of living in Marin, and up until this writing, I didn’t think I would. What inspired me is an on-line article I just read, from the current issue of “That’s Beijing” about the rock group “Iron Maiden.” Yes, THAT Iron Maiden. I did not know they were still around. After reading the article, which left me convinced they inspired the movie, “This is Spinal Tap,” I saw that Iron Maiden would be coming to Beijing and I will be there should I decide to see a rock band from the 1970’s. That’s when it hit me: The “goings on” in Beijing I’ve been reading about for the last half year are now “goings on” I can attend. Quite suddenly, it’s starting to be quite real. I’ve only had my Chinese work visa for two weeks and until I obtained it, there was always the possibility that I wouldn’t be going to Beijing, after all. Now, as the tired, worn-out and overused cliche goes: there’s no turning back now!

Allow me to present to you what it looks like here, at 6 Lula Way in its sunset days as host to the Massie family, et al. The place would look particularly shocking to those who were here for the memorial back in June. Here in the Study, you will find: my desk, my computer and my chair. Nothing else. Ellen’s desk is gone. The bookshelves and all items are cleared out. Even the carpet is gone. Aside from the carpet, there isn’t anything else downstairs. The living room, dining room and most of the contents of the kitchen are long gone. Most of my personal effects are now in storage. So it’s me, a few items, three very large bags to be checked, and two carry-ons and that’s about it. Oh yes, the garage never looked cleaner! So farewell Marin. I say “good-bye” to my home of almost 27 years and add to that, nine years in SF. It’s easy to rattle off the many chapters that are coming to a close for me. What’s completely unknown to me is what doors will be opening as I embark upon reinventing myself at age 58 (pardon the mixed metaphors). Watch this space! (h/t: Rachel Maddow)

Oh yes. About that Iron Maiden concert on April 24 (at the Wukesong Culture Square). According to the article, it’s their “The Book of Souls” Tour. That’s even more portentous sounding than Spinal Tap’s infamous “Stonehenge” Tour (“The problem may have been, that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.”)

I do believe that my next entry will be from Beijing. Until then: Zàijiàn! (Goodbye!)