Year Three…

It was three years ago that Ellen had the “plug pulled” after being in a coma for the previous three days. The ineffable sadness of the last three years has diminished over time, but for me, April is a month of deep reflection of what she meant to me during the eight years we were together. I will always remember her with a smile and tears. For those who knew and loved Ellen, please take a moment out of your day and reflect on what she meant to you and ponder the loss that cannot be replaced.



1 thought on “Year Three…

  1. I don’t tend to comment on your blog Brian, but I want to tonight. Ellen was my mom and she meant the world to me. I can’t put her in words because there are not enough words to describe how much I loved her and how much of my life I owe to her- technically half since I’m half from my mom and half from my dad. But she really did raise me while my dad worked in cardiology. She never stopped being my mom of course. She always worried about me and I worried about how she didn’t take care of herself but rather took care of everybody else first. That’s what lead to her death, but her life is what I wish to remember. Her death was merely the end of her incredible life. She impacted so many people in so many profound ways. I miss her on daily basis and her memory guides me with how I live my life.

    I’m glad that she had you in her life for her last 8 years. I know you made her happy and for that I’m infinity grateful. Thank you for bringing her happiness towards her untimely end.

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