What’s Wrong With The Below Picture?

This is the street in front of my apartment building. I was walking to work and saw something I see everywhere, just not on my street, until now. Yes, It’s a two-way street. Notice the metal barrier that separates the flow of traffic. Notice that cars are going in both directions on either side. The cars on the left side are now driving in the wrong direction because the drivers didn’t want to wait in the retinue on the right.

When I rounded the corner (picture below) I saw a bus and car had an unfortunate meeting. That had nothing to do with the drivers going the wrong way. But It does confirm just how nuts traffic is in this town. One of the guys I know tells me that bus drivers like it when they have an accident because it gives them a nice break from driving, as they have to wait for the bureaucratic process of accident reporting to unfold and it’s very time-consuming.


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  1. Hey, every government has it’s bureaucracy that people learn to exploit for a little rest and relaxation!

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