Tsinghua University Art Museum

As I have mentioned previously, Wudaokou, where I live, is the university and high-tech district of Beijing. Last month, my almost next door neighbor, Tsinghua University opened its new art musuem which is across the road from where I live. I finally visited it a couple of weeks ago. It’s quite impressive with many exhibits. I only saw the permanent displays which are pictured below. None of the exhibits had any English explanations but I very much enjoyed them, nonetheless.

“Dialogue with Leonardo Da Vinci”┬áis on display through December and features 60 of his original manuscripts. Once I return from my travels with Nancy and Sophie, I will beat the bushes, so to speak, to find someone who can read Mandarin, so I can enjoy the exhibit more than if I was there on my own. Admission to the permanent displays are 20 RMB (about $3.00) and the Da Vinci exhibit will set me back 60 RMB (about $9.00) Such a deal!

I also joined the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy which holds seminars and other events. I recently attended a showing of the 2014 documentary “Mitt,” about, you know who (His real first name is Willard, by the way.) Does anyone remember the 1971 movie “Willard”? It was a horror movie about a very disturbed and demented young man who developed an affinity for rats and cultivated an entire army of them to attack his real and perceived enemies, killing them in ghastly fashion (nibbled to death). Look for its sequel in 2017 entitled “Donald.” The 1971 WIllard would be about 70, by now. Makes sense to me.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the photos below, go to the above link to their website and read more about them. By the time you read this, Nancy and Sophie will be here in Beijing. They are three hours away from “wheels-up” as I write this. Stay tuned for our exciting adventures as we traipse across China the next two weeks.


Seen from the art museum: On the left is the Holiday Inn and the building in the middle is where I live.


Front entrance to Tsinghua University. About a ten minute walk from my apartment.


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The trial of Madame Mao- JIang Qing and the "Gang of Four." Wow, now that takes me back.

The trial of Madame Mao- Jiang Qing and the “Gang of Four.” Wow, now that takes me back.

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