This is Interesting…

As regular readers of this blog know, I first visited Xi’an back in October, 2016 with Nancy and Sophie. We hired a company to take us around Xi’an as well as guide us through our day, visiting the Terracotta Warriors site. Our guide’s name is Michael Chang. He took us to one of his favorite noodle restaurants, for lunch. We still talk about that meal as one of our favorites during our two weeks traveling around China. I have been meaning to contact Michael and have him take me there as it’s outside of the city and of course, I have no idea of its name or location. 

So I was pretty flabbergasted to read the CNN story today about Xi’an and how the Chinese government is making it a focal point as part of its plan to update the Silk Road and use it as a modern day trading route connecting China to Europe and beyond. Michael is showcased in the story, which is why I was so struck by it. 

So I immediately contacted him to see if his newfound fame has had an impact. He said it’s too soon to tell, but he is happy to take me back to that restaurant.

Here’s the link to the CNN story. It’s good to see Xi’an featured so prominently. These are exciting times for this ancient city.

Here’s our guide, Michael Chang, of new found CNN fame. I cannot wait to go back to this restaurant for their noodle dishes.