Thanksgiving Day, Beijing Style

While attending the “Funeral for America” show at The Bridge Cafe (you probably know it as the election day returns of November 8), I saw the below posted fliers announcing Thanksgiving dinner. I immediately signed up and last night partook of their T-day fare. As you can see, I was with two of my favorite people, Madison and Minnie (“she’s so tiny!”) along with Christopher (Nyuk, nyuk!) He left English First soon after I arrived to work at an online English language school. He actually saved my butt with a loan, when my wire transfer didn’t come through in a timely manner to pay the three months rent required to move into my apartment, back in April. And he is from Chicago. And his English is pretty good too, I should mention. And yes, it is ok to start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction.

The only other option for turkey in this part of Beijing was to buy a relatively small, frozen bird imported from Chile for about $80.00. Of course, since the vast majority of people, myself included, have no ovens, I wouldn’t have even been able to cook it properly. I am determined that my next living arrangement will include an oven along with a proper kitchen, one I can actually sit in.

The turkey was certainly reminiscent of back home as was the pumpkin pie. But, good grief!: no stuffing, gravy or taters despite what the menu indicated. For that matter, there wasn’t the promised “factual presentation of American history to serve the glorious tradition of Thanksgiving.” (see menu) Still, give me some good company and a couple of bottles of wine and I’m a happy camper. Next year, I will host a Thanksgiving dinner cooked up in my full-sized kitchen, resplendent with a real oven. Everyone’s invited!


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  1. Oh, I miss Bridge so much!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Wanna join your Thanksgiving dinner next year!!

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