“Let it Snow…”

I’m warning you: After this post, you will never look at the title of this posting the same way again, ever!

I woke up this morning and looked out my window and was somewhat amazed to see the first snowfall of the season. The last time I lived where it snowed was on the east coast, 1979. Beijing isn’t like Madison or Syracuse in terms of winter temps or snowfall (mercifully) and of course, coming from the bay area, one has to drive for over three hours to Lake Tahoe if you want to experience snow in the winter. ┬áSo it’s certainly a novelty for me to once again live where snow is a consideration in daily activities and the reason I opted not to work out today. I didn’t feel like trekking to the club on cold, snowy streets. If I do want to exercise, I’d better get use to the “new normal.”

About the aforementioned title:

Anyone recall the Celebrity Jeopardy – SNL 40th Anniversary Special with Darrell Hammond playing Sean Connery? One of the catagories is: “Let it Snow” and he says to “Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell): “I’ll take “le tits now for $800.” I’m not a big fan of SNL because I recall its glory days from its inception when it was fresh, audacious and outrageous but that is actually a very funny skit.

I warned you, you will never see “let it snow” the same way ever again. I know,because that’s what happened to me once I was exposed.

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