I Suppose I Can Now Say, “I’m Official.”

Now watch: In a variation of “Murphy’s Law” now that I am officially and clearly a member of the staff of English First, after working there for the last four months, I’ll be “let go” some time in the immediate future. Regardless, I don’t even recall when this photo was taken of me. However, had I known at the time the purpose, I would have demurred until I dyed my hair, so as NOT to look like “that old geezer” who is clearly out of place. Although Lloyd, at 50, does provide a bit of an offset.ef pict board

brian ef


1 thought on “I Suppose I Can Now Say, “I’m Official.”

  1. Hey there – you look GREAT!! Like a movie star and at tleast YOU HAVE HAIR… so stop whining – I think it’s a professional headshot for sure.

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