“Back in the Saddle…”

I said in my last missive that I would only post when there was something of interest to report about. Well, what could be more noteworthy than this: Large bottles of Tsingtao for 2 RMB. That’s about thirty-cents. The question is, is it the same Tsingtao that we all know of? I doubt it, but since I can’t speak or read Chinese, I can easily fool myself! Best of all, I can getĀ staggeringly, incomprehensibly, babbling-crazy for two-dollars and sound just like Donald Trump. Come to think of it, two-dollars is probably a lot closer to his true net worth than 10 billion. Boom!

This replaces the Harbin beer which on its way out of the supermarket was selling for 3.5RMB (they upped the price from 2RMB) which caused me to stop buying it as it thwarted my plan (see previous posts) to open a beer outlet in my apartment building, reselling it for up to 3RMB. Why would I want to lose money? Been there, done that! So, now, I’m back in the saddle and my plan resumes!Ā BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tomorrow will be a posting of sadness, so I wanted to lighten things up the night before.